Computer Science: News Update

Posted on: 27/11/2018

Computer Science is back and stronger than ever! The academic year has begun with vibrant colours and an exquisite optimism towards learning and improving. This new year offered many opportunities and surprises and one of the most delightful one is the rebirth of Computer Science. Our school has been struggling to keep the Computer Science department from sinking in the past years but now it’s back. This year our school offers a fresh start for the department with a brand-new curriculum across all Key Stages and a fresh mindset to lead the way to a brighter future for Computer Science. The new Head of Computer Science -Mr Jagatia - has really brought the subject back to life. The new curriculum offers a detailed study of Computing Principles, Programming and Logical Thinking and an exciting project involving creating your own game. As an A-level student of Computer Science, I’ve really grown to love the subject more than I ever have, learning many different interesting things about the world of technology. Computer Science has always been a fascinating and intriguing subject and now, with the help of our new Head of Department, this can really become a subject loved by more than just seven people in my A-Level class.

Dawid Gorecki