Science: Energy Quest

Posted on: 11/01/2019

Energy Quest Day

All the Year 7s experienced an inspirational engineering course where they got to do some engineering, learned that there are many types of sources which can be used to get electricity, e.g. wind turbines and solar power.

This day was a great way of helping students decide what jobs they wanted to apply for when they were older. The main reason why the Science Quest people came was to influence us into becoming engineers. 

We all learned that engineering can come into everyday jobs, even working in a shoe shop. We learned about renewable and unrenewable energy.  We were all given cards that had information on the different types of energy.  All the cards were challenging - this tested how much we knew about energy.  An example of a renewable source is wind turbines, and an unrenewable source is nuclear energy.  We all managed to put the cards in the right place, but it was a trial and error system.

Afterwards, we were put into groups and taught how to make small electric cars.  It took quite a while to get them to work.  We then had a race to see how far our cars would go with a limited electrical charge. 

This was an amazing experience for all the Year 7s.

Written by Kamara Jones-Gamble - Year 7

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