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Posted on: 12/11/2021

Before the half term break, a group of our talented A-Level Scientists had the opportunity to participate in a range of exclusive BBC STEM Webinars. These webinars were designed to promote and raise awareness of the various Science Careers present in the BBC, BBC Studios and within the wider Broadcast Sector.

Our students were able to get involved in the following Webinars: 

1.Toddlers and Test Tubes: It'll Never Work, with Sandra Beale.

Sandra works with BBC Tiny People and BBC STEM to develop understanding of the skills she uses to inspire toddlers. Our students had a chance to meet Sandra and get hands on experience in the type of work that she did in her role. This included thinking about roles in CBeebies TV programmes that helped cultivate young scientific minds.

2. Extreme Weather, Climate Change and the Life of a Weather presenter, with Sarah Keith-Lucas and Gemma Plumb.

In this workshop, our students worked with top BBC Weather forecasters, presenters and meteorologists, Sarah Keith-Lucas and Gemma Plumb, who helped our students to understand the connection between Science and Meteorology and how it is used to predict the weather.

3. BBC Children's and Science: Why is it Important?

In this Webinar, our students joined a live Q&A with the Production Executives at BBC Children's. These members of staff decide the Science Content that goes on CBBC or CBeebies and put together the Production teams to make it happen.

This was an exciting opportunity for our students to understand why science content for children is so important, why it is the way it is and what it takes to make a career through Science, Children's Entertainment and Broadcasting.

We are so proud of how our students showed high commitment and engagement to these workshops. 

Mrs Rauf, Head of Chemistry and Ms Bouroujerdi, STEM Co-ordinator

Here are some thoughts from one of our Year 12 students:

"Year 12 students participating within STEM subjects were given the amazing opportunity to take part in the BBC Young Reporter STEM webinars at school. Many talented professionals, both part and not part of the BBC gave us a wealth of information regarding STEM futures in the Media Industry, through information sessions, as well as a Q&A. First I attended the ‘Toddlers and Test Tubes’ Webinar, where we learnt not only the importance of educating toddlers and babies about science in order to enhance their motor and thinking skills, but also how to possibly take scientific experiments onto mainstream programmes to inspire and fascinate children to have a career in STEM using our own knowledge of the Sciences. We even tried out an experiment with burnt egg shells that would turn silver as soon as they were submerged in water!

Suddenly, working with children seemed more exciting and exhilarating to me - this has broadened my horizons for potential careers. I also participated in the Q&A, having the chance to hear about the lives of professionals who work within Children’s television for the BBC and to ask questions about the industry.

It was surprising to hear the range of different careers that were available and surprisingly, you didn’t need to have a background in Media but to be able to communicate your topics of interest in addition to having the ability to engage the audience. I found these webinars a great insight to the world of Media, especially for those with a STEM background and would recommend those of all ages to rethink their perceptions of Science within the Media".

Written by Chelsie Tan, Year 12 student

Mark McKenzie, Project Manager of the BBC STEM Ambassadors Scheme also made the following comments:

"I’m writing to you to thank you and your amazing students for attending BBC STEM’s first ever Science Season. I know having delivered and attended a number of online events that working on Zoom can be difficult. I know young people can lose focus if there are technical issues or causes for delay. However, it was evident from start to finish that your pupils were fully engaged and maintained their energy and levels of participation throughout each of the workshops. So again, thank you so much for your attendance and for the enthusiasm, patience and flexibility of your wonderful students.

I was able to drop-in to each of the workshops and got to see your students working cooperatively and supporting each other to complete some of the tasks. For those who were set homework, they took to the task and presented a really high standard of work. To those that presented their ideas, I was thoroughly impressed as were the BBC STEM Ambassadors who have been in touch to say how much they enjoyed working with your students and hearing their ideas. Please pass on my thanks to your students, I felt this was a huge success and something we can definitely build on moving forward. It truly was a pleasure to see the students so engaged in the various activities. 

They each were a credit to the amazing work you clearly are doing with them.

It was evident that you are fantastic teachers, who thoroughly encourage your students to make the most of the opportunities around them".

Mark McKenzie, Project Manager of BBC STEM Ambassadors Scheme

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