Game Over Workshop with Nower Hill School

Posted on: 15/11/2021

On Thursday 4th November, Hatch End High School took a group of chosen students from Year 9 - Year 12 to Nower Hill School for a Drama Workshop. This project will see students from Hatch End High School and Nower Hill School working together on a performance of the play text ‘Game Over’ by Mark Wheeler, which is based on the tragic true story of Breck Bednar. The purpose of the project, is to trial an exciting collaboration of performance work between the two high schools, in addition to raising awareness of the dangers of online trolling and the devastating consequences this can lead to for teenagers.

Students took part in a range of practical activities led by staff members and was the first time students from both schools had worked together. This project will see the students taking part in a number of workshops/rehearsals held at either Hatch End High School or Nower Hill School. The workshops will be led by a corresponding teacher from the school and culminate in a professional performance of the play text. 

The play will then be performed at the Harrow Arts Centre (week beginning Monday 14th March 2022) and has also been entered for the Watford Drama Festival, which is also taking place in March 2022.

This is a truly exciting opportunity for the students involved to be part of this collaborative, groundbreaking project.


Mrs Burke, Head of Performing Arts Faculty

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