Maths Feast 2022: Student Review

Posted on: 23/03/2022

On Wednesday 23rd of March 2022, four Year 10 students participated in the Maths Feast along with 25 other schools. We had spent weeks prior to the challenge practicing with past questions in order to be as prepared as possible. We went to St Dominic’s College in Harrow, where the event was hosted. When we went in, there were starter questions for us to warm up for the competition, which was a word search, searching for numbers to answer some of the questions. 

Round 1: We received some general questions to answer and as a team, we decided to answer them individually, as well as helping/switching the questions depending on whether we felt we could do it or not. Overall, this round was a nice way to ease into the competition as we did fairly well and it was a good way to work together and cooperate as a team. 

Round 2: There were four questions to complete in about 20 minutes. We were able to complete this challenge well and answered approximately 95% of the questions correctly. Overall, this was our favourite round, as we were able to complete it efficiently and we did the best in this round. 

Round 3: This was a geometry-based round. We were given a couple of minutes to read a help sheet, then we were given around 20 minutes to put some questions in piles together and had to form four whole questions with the cards provided. This round for us was the trickiest as it wasn’t a topic anyone in our team was familiar with and the instructions weren’t clear. 

The last round was the relay - this is where we had to split the team into pairs, and pair A would complete the first question and give their answer to pair B, which they would use to complete their question, and so on. This round we found that we didn’t have enough time to complete it but we gave it our best shot. Overall, this was a round that we had practised the most but felt that the actual questions were a lot harder than we thought they would be. 

We returned to school in time for lunch and Period 5 - exhausted but energised!

Article written by Urvershi Vekaria

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