GCSE Results Day 2022

Posted on: 25/08/2022

Hatch End High School are delighted with our GCSE and BTEC examination results this Summer. These young people have had the most disrupted educational experience ever over the last two years owing to the Pandemic and we are immensely proud of them. They deserve our hearty congratulations as do their teachers and all the staff who have supported them over many years.

Our GCSE Maths and English are amongst the best ever with 70% of pupils gaining a higher grade of 9-4 in both courses. 60% of students gained two higher grades 9-4 in either combined science or separate sciences. Overall, 70% of students gained 5 higher grades including in Maths and English. Our BTEC results were equally impressive.

Some of our success stories include:

SwastiSwasti Yogi achieved an exceptional 10 x Grade 9s and a distinction* in Health and Social Care. During her time at Hatch End High School, she was also a Deputy Head student and plans to study A Levels in Economics, Maths, Further Maths and Biology. Her plan for the future is to become an Investment Banker. Swasti said: “I am really thankful for the support that the teachers gave me, especially the really detailed feedback that helped me to get my Grade 9’s”.



Rochelle Savage joined Hatch End High School in November 2021 from Nigeria. Despite joining us late during her GCSE courses, she managed to achieve 1 x Grade 7, 5 x Grade 5 and 2 x Grade 4. She plans to study A Levels at Hatch End High School Sixth Form. Rochelle said: “I am very impressed with how far I have come. I joined in November in Year 11, and I was able to aim high and catch up, with all the additional support that was provided for me”. Rochelle went on to say, “it is never too late and with hard work you can catch up”.


Moez and Amanj

Moez Anwar worked incredibly hard for his GCSE’s and exceeded his target grades. He was awarded 2 x Grade 9, 3 x Grade 8, 3 x Grade 7 and 2 x Grade 6. He was also the Deputy Head student and plans to stay on at Hatch End Sixth Form to study Computer Science, Maths, Further Maths and Economics. His long-term career plan is to work in Cyber Security. Moez said: “Teachers helped me throughout my time at Hatch End, they were always a step ahead preparing me to get the highest grades possible”.

Amanj Doski achieved above a Grade 7 in 7 different subjects and 2 x Grade 6s. He plans to study Economics, History and Maths at Hatch End High Sixth Form. Amanj wants to pursue a career in Accounting. Amanj said: “It’s been an absolute pleasure to study at Hatch End. I am thankful for all the help the school has given me, with such determination”.

Sophie and AlaSophie Finucane and Ala Syrek were very pleased with their results. Sophie achieved 6 x Grades 5’s or above and a BTEC in Music. She plans to study Media Production BTEC at a local college. Sophie said: “The extra tuition the school arranged for me really helped me to achieve these grades. I am very thankful to all my teachers for all their support, especially how they developed my love of Media Studies”.

Ala achieved 9 x Grade 5 or above (including a Grade 8 in Religious Studies and a Grade 9 in Polish). She has a passion for English Literature and plans to study A Levels at Hatch End High School in English Literature, Media, Art, and Photography.

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