Year 7 Teambuilding

Posted on: 12/09/2022

The first school day was Monday 5th September, where students filed into the Great Hall in their new tutor groups looking very smart. After a welcoming address by Ms Dunford, Mr Murrell, and Mr Williams, the pupils were escorted to their tutor rooms to begin various activities. These involved ice breakers, getting to know each other, lots of information about school from the Torch Booklet, a tour of the school, and a Literacy lesson.

The next day, students participated in a fire drill practice, tutor group photos, continued introductions, and reading more of their first “Book Wheel” novel - The Boy at the Back of the Class. By Period 3, the rest of the school had arrived and it was time for students to move to their first proper lesson. During Period 5, pupils were able to listen to a Safeguarding Information Session by Ms Cozens, Deputy Headteacher.

Throughout the last few weeks, the pupils have been busy in lessons learning and impressing staff with their effort and understanding of a variety of topics. This has been shown by a huge number of Praise points gained and excellence tokens. To continue the bonding and unity for the whole year group, students enjoyed a Team Building afternoon on Tuesday 20th September. Everyone was involved in a session of various challenges, such as sack racing, scramble net crawl, welly wanging, egg and spoon races, three-legged races, and a few flexible tasks. Each tutor group scored points on the way round, completing six events in total. 

Despite a whole lot of competition, the main aim was to get to know each other, interact with the teachers, be guided by peer leaders who helped run the events, and of course, to have FUN! We then finished the afternoon with a classic whole class tug-of-war knockout.  Congratulations to the Teambuilding winners 7ANC with 29 points, and Runners Up  7AVI with 25 points and 7DJO with 23 points.

I am extremely proud to see the whole year group make such a positive start as a cohort and as individuals in their own personal progress.

Mr Williams, Head of Year 7

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